Revenge of the proletariat - computerspeak re-written in European

A machine language is represented by the numeric codes for the procedures, which a special computer would drive out directly can. The codes are rows of 0s and 1s or numbers binary ('pieces'), those often also d' are changed; and on dekaexadiko (basis 16), for l' human examination and the change. The linguistic machine guidelines use characteristically some pieces of qu' they place the equity release  procedures as l' ; Additive and of some for qu' perhaps they represent telesteoys or the place of the next guideline. The machine language is with difficulty d' to be read and d' considering the qu' to write; it does not resemble the conventional mathematical note or its human language, and of code they vary from l' l' computer; Computer.

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The symbolic language (assembly), is a level over the machine language. It uses the short codes mnemonically for the guidelines, and it permits the programmer for qu' it introduces the names for the barriers of the memory, which keep the elements. Quelqu' thus it that „you add the salary, writes total number "at the place of „0110101100101000" for a guideline, which adds two numbers.

 The symbolic language (assembly), has d' as a goal; easily into machine language to be translated. Even if the barriers of the www.6mo be mentioned by the name in the place in the name of their mechanical addresses, the symbolic language (assembly) n' Offer not [periplokotera] the means the compound information. Like the machine language the symbolic language (assembly) requires, the detailed l' knowledge; internal architecture d' Computer. It is useful, if such details are important, as to the d' planning; a computer, thus [allilepidrasei] with d' Expenditure for entrance the devices (printing, detectors of storage devices and so kath ? following).


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